Hygiene clean

This is a thorough and detailed clean of all areas of the property. The service is often recommended before moving into a new property. We have experience working with a variety of industries and a team of well-trained cleaning staff that will meet your commercial cleaning needs.

Fresh & Clean managed hygiene and washroom rental programs are available throughout Brisbane, and deliver a wide range of functional, hygienic and stylish products and services with an eco-friendly focus.

Better still, we can design a program tailored to your needs, based on a thorough assessment of your workplace. It’s the smart, hassle-free solution to workplace health and well-being.

Your working environment deserves to be clean, fresh and safe, not only for employees but also for visiting clients and customers. Remember first impressions are vital so don’t let yourselves down. We also offer a ‘move-in’ service, where people who have recently purchased, or rented a property can take advantage of our house cleaning services to turn their property into a home right away.

You can call us on 424 284 443 and you will receive professional advice from our qualified customer service providers. You will also be provided with a free no-obligation quote, constituted according to your service requirements.

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